litigation Experience

Over my years as a commercial litigator, I have seen my clients through all of the types of lawsuits and claims listed below, the majority of them regularly:

Loans secured by real estate and other promissory notes; partitioning of real estate; nonjudicial foreclosures, judicial foreclosures, judicial (lien) foreclosure defense, and post-foreclosure confirmation proceedings; priority disputes between lenders; corrective title actions; disputes between condominium owners, disputes between owners and condominium associations and between individual owners; actions under the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (UVTA); undue influence (probate); actions under the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Law (UEFJL or UEFJA) and domestication of foreign judgments; rental property law and litigation, business and commercial evictions, residential evictions, landlord-tenant law, and recovery of wrongfully withheld security deposit; divorce contempt action over real estate and divorce contempt over equitable division; secured creditors’ rights in bankruptcy on defaulted real estate loans; landlord-creditors’ rights in bankruptcy; vehicle leases, vehicle rental agreements, and vehicle repossessions; business and industrial equipment repossessions and personal property foreclosures; business and industrial equipment sales and leases; motor vehicle and insurance subrogation rights; factoring agreements and loan agreements secured by accounts receivable or commissions; advertising sales agreements; sales commissions and fees, commissions and fees due to employer search firms; actions to recover insurance premiums; recovery of payment for wholesale and retail goods and recovery of payment for commercial and business services performed; unpaid accounts for goods and services; restaurant, beverage, and foodservice purveyor accounts; credit card lawsuits and consumer debt collection lawsuit defense; creditors’ rights in bankruptcy as to vehicles and other personal property; and post-judgment collection.

We have had success defending individuals and companies repeatedly sued by the same plaintiff over the same dispute for harassment or other tactical purposes. A plaintiff may only voluntarily dismiss the same claim once.

We handle contingent matters and partially contingent matters selectively and depending on the likelihood of recovery.  We represent defendants in magistrate court actions only when cost-effective given the size of the plaintiff’s claim, which may never exceed $15,000.00.